E Factor Diet Review A New Weight Loss System

E Factor Diet Is A Very Different Approach Towards Weight Loss

The E Factor Diet is not your conventional “diet”, but more of a new eating plan designed to help you lose weight not by eliminating certain foods or food groups, but rather by changing when you eat the foods you enjoy eating. It is based on the premise that when certain foods are eaten at particular times they cause bloating by acting as water retainers.

The creator of the E Factor Diet, weight-loss expert and fitness trainer John Rowley breaks down the E Factors of eating into four categories. Endothermic foods, which “wake up” fat-hungry hormones in the endocrine system and program them to work twenty four hours a day, even while you sleep. Energetic-factor foods, foods which aren’t necessarily recognized as “healthy” foods but which, depending on when they are eaten, will provide energy to the body rather than making it feel tired and listless. Enzymatic foods, which can be used to train your body to “reset” your body’s metabolism and keep our immune systems healthy, since the immune system can become compromised by eating the wrong foods.

The plan instructs users to switch the meals they would eat for breakfast to lunch and lunch meals to dinner. The basic statement of the diet is that you are not what you eat, but rather when you eat it. E factor diet can be purchased in the form of an e-book with several components that are available along with the download.

weight loss program e factor diet is a newly created and scientifically program weight loss system for both men and women

The books included in the e factor diet plan

The E-Factor Weight-Loss Handbook, The E Factor Grocery Guide, The E Factor Meal-Planning Blueprint, and The E Factor Cheat Your Way Trim Book, which gives instructions and ideas for foods consumed on the days you are able to eat anything you want so that you are still following the diet plan and losing weight. Reviews for this product have been mixed, with some people claiming success with the plan and others saying it is the actual foods you eat that affect weight loss or gain, and that when you eat it has nothing to do with that. The e-Book is available as a digital download for $29.95.